Hot boy - hot girl 2014-12-22 08:56:22

Gái tây cơ đít cuồn cuộn

Dental floss thongs for the win.

Nice fit ass.

mmm that makes me thirsty..

Alessandra Ambrosio’s ass should have its own panty line..

Mind the gap..

What is she smuggling back there..

That is just lovely..

I would really love coming home to a nice cooked meal by that lovely lady every night..


For the full video of this ass contest, Click here!You’re welcome in advance.

I’m pretty sure that last one is photoshopped. But if not, touche..white girls aren’t supposed to have ass’s like that.

How on earth does she compete in track with 200 pounds dragging behind her..

That’s certainly a handful..

Everyday I thank God for Yoga Pants..

Perfect example of when small is still perfect.

Reef is famous for their ass contest. Check it out here.

I have not yet experienced a car wash like this, I am definitely missing out..

I miss summer so much..

Thats scary big..

Petite perfection.

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